Hi All,

I am having some technical issues with my normal email so I am using another email address that I have.

As you know I sometimes travel long distances to get a shot…..well I travelled a long way for this one……about 5 minutes up the road to the Mt Annan Botanic Garden and more specifically, Sundial Hill inside the garden.

There are two sundials here and both work just in different ways. The one closest to the camera is the more traditional one but the far one uses a human to cast the time shadow and as ling as you stand where it says for the date on the ground, it does actually work.

The light here has been diffused a bit by high cloud and I have used a filter (one of the rare items from the film days that can still be used) to really bring up the cloud.

For one Rob Shaw there is actually a train in this shot but I will let him find it.

I hope that my normal email is up and running as I have been away to the Central West of NSW and got some really interesting shots.

And lastly just a reminder that my exhibition at the ARThouse cafe in Narellan is now open so make sure you get along for a look.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.



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