Hi all,

Well I have my main photography computer back from repairs with a new power board so thanks to the people at the Apple Store in Penrith for the speedy repair.

The above is why I have been a bit quiet……no computer!

Anyway, around Easter time Sydney received a lot of rain which means that the falls in the Blue Mountains start to work with more and more rain.

Those who are friends of mine of Facebook have already seen a shot from this visit but this one I think is the winner.

Federal Falls is my favourite of ll the falls I have visited in the Blue Mountains and there is so much to explore around here.

This is a tricky exposure as I am in a dark place where I am standing and the waterfall is actually in the open but you don’t want the waterfall too bright (see I do pay attention Steve Rutherford!).

You just want a nice balance.

Anyway, I am pleased with the shot so enjoy!