Hi all,

Another shot of when I was away in the Central West between Easter and Anzac Day.

This shot was taken after the sun had risen but there was no way known I was getting in that long grass even though it was a cool morning.

My fear of snakes overrode that idea!

It has been very difficult to find any information on St Agnes of the Springs except that it was sold to a private buyer in the 1960’s and has been this way since.

There also appears to be speculation around the name in that there are a lot of natural springs in the area hence the name.

Given that it was sold in the 1960’s it is quite good condition and I have seen the grass here mowed.

There was not many angles to choose from for this shot but I am happy enough with it and the setting in the bush.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy


Paul Bartle

Sml Annas Dripstone Church 5 May LR5 (1 of 1)