Hi All,

The conversation at Orange Tourism goes like this:

Paul: I would like to know the best was to Burnt Yards

Orange Tourism: Where’s that?

Paul: South of Orange but North of Carcoar

OT: Never heard of it…….(starts to google it)

Paul But its on the map you sell here.

OT Really? Let me look.

And so it goes. I knew where it was but just wanted to know the best way and to stay on tar to get there.

I had never been to this part of the area before but wow, there are some great sports to use if allowed to on private property.

Burnt Yards consists of about 3 houses and that’s it plus lots of rolling hills.

I also managed to upset the owners dogs of the shed I wanted to get shots of.

They were going out and didn’t mind at all me getting some shots.

The owner told me the “old shed” was better…..silly me says where’s that?

Yes, city slicker fell for the joke.

I would love to explore this area more…….so much potential but time is also factor.

Anyway, enough from me enjoy.



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