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Just some house keeping so hang on:


It is still on at the Arthouse Cafe in Narellan Town Centre. Best place to park is in Elyard St. If you are going give me a call on 0405 146 411 and I will come down for a coffee!

Finishes Sunday and everything comes down at 4pm.

Competition – Landscape Photographer of the Year

No, it wasn’t me although I did enter 3 shots for judging.

Out of the 3 shots I received 2 bronze awards so I am pretty pleased with myself.

The two shots both scored 375 out of 500.


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A grab shot at Wombarra Beach where a landslide happened within a week of when I was there right where I am standing!

Sml Wombarra Beach Rockshelf B & W (1 of 1)-2

That’s all for now.