Hi All,

This the last shot of the central west trip and this was taken on the way back in fading light.

It has been photoshopped a touch to take a dead sheep out.

I hadn’t noticed initially that it was there and only later discovered it in the shot.

Talking to locals, wild dogs are an issue in this area and whilst I didn’t see any, I certainly saw plenty of foxes about.

This area is famous for the Errowanbang Sheep Station and its 100 stand sheep shed. I saw the entrance to it but didn’t see the shed as it is quite hilly around this area.

If I was to take this shot again, I would ask permission and get up closer to the car and make it a point of interest with the shed but sometimes this can be hard……you have to find someone first!

I hope to get out to this area again one day to do more exploring but time will tell.

The second shot is of Orangeand Mount Canoblas.

Local artist in Orange, Kay Gorringe told me how to get to this spot after painting this scene herself.

I couldn’t use the same spot due to power lines but managed to find a spot close by to use for this shot.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy!


Paul Bartle

Sml Final Errowanbang Farm No 1 26 Apr Anna Ed (1 of 1)

Sml Orange Pano