Hi All,

This shot was taken in late Autumn in the Blue Mountains.

Some of you have probably been past this spot but never noticed it.

I saw this shot in a book and never liked the shot as the photographer had cut the trees and the agapanthus off just above ground height and that always annoyed me.

I was taught “all in or all out” sort of thing or it could also be make sure if you do something like that “cut a lot out”!

Anyway, I had been waiting for the leaves to turn and I think this year was not as good as last year, well certainly not in my local area.

Luckily for me I go to the mountains quite a bit so I can try each year to improve on this shot.

Anyway, there will be no shot next week as I will be away but the next blog will have something rather special so stay tuned.

Enough from me for now, enjoy.



Sml Falls Rd No1