Hi All,

Welcome to blog number 100.

How I have managed to get this far or anyone still reading this to read all 100 articles on my blog site, all I can say is thanks.

Moving along, I mentioned that I had something special lined up.

Most photographers have a personal project that they have.

Mine just happened to be the bush fires late last year near Bargo.

I visited a week after they were officially out and then kept going back to shoot the same spot to see the regrowth and how long it took.

I think the results are amazing on the regeneration of the bush and in some spots you wouldn’t even know there was a fire.

On occasion despite coming back numerous times, it would still take me a while top work out where my marker trees were and where I stood for the previous shots.

I also tried to shoot at the same time of day, same conditions etc.

The environment there is well on the way to recovery and hopefully soon the houses burnt will be too.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.



No 1 Yanderra Bushfire Sml

No 2 Yanderra Bush Fire

No 3 Yanderra Bushfire

No 4 Yanderra Bushfire