Hi All,

In late May I had to go to Canberra to see a band with my wife who was to take photo’s of the show.

As we were staying overnight I was wondering if there was anything worth taking given the time of year.

We got down to Canberra quite early so we went for a bit of a drive so see what trees may still have some colour in them and found these.

This road will be familiar to most of Australia’a Prime Ministers as they have to travel along here to get to the Governor-Generals House to call elections etc.

I have seen shots of here before but all used wide angle lenses which would not have worked in my case as there were not that many trees to fit in, so I went with telephoto lens to compress it all in.

As a side note I was here just before sunrise on the Sunday morning thinking here would be no traffic around as this is a dead end street…….wrong!.

The amount of time I had to grab the tripod and get off the road just not to get hit was well over a dozen times. But no one stopped to ask what I was doing given where I was.

After that I would have to go and work out where I was……AGAIN!

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.


Paul Bartle

Sml Final Canberra Autumn Trees No 2 26 May (1 of 1)