Hi All,

As most of you know my wife takes photo’s of bands etc and for the most part it is 3 songs and you are on your way home to process them.

Sometimes she is invited to stay and watch the rest of the show, which is what happened in this instance. Normally I won’t get time to shoot but this night I did.

Originally I was going to do some shots of the Opera House (which I did) but this scene took my attention more as I couldn’t figure out what was different to previous visits here as the scene was so bright. I couldn’t recall seeing this before.

Then it dawned on me, no ships in!

To add to the drama, I noticed that the moon was rising rapidly so had to hurry to get over that side of Mrs Macquarie’s Chair get set up and start shooting.

I have been told that it is most unusual to see these wharves empty and there were ships off to the right so that was a bonus.

It is a tricky exposure here as you don’t want the lights to be too bright and not get the moon and the same with the moon exposure.

Throw in the crane as well and you can see that a lot of work is required after the actual exposure.

All I had to do in the end was bring the shadows up a bit to show the crane and dull the lights down to even things out nicely.

The attachment is only a small file and doesn’t really show up the crane unfortunately but the finish product does.

I had a friend with me on the shoot. A young possum was hanging around obviously waiting for a feed from me (I had nothing to give it) but it was good to see some wildlife so close to the CBD.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.



Sml Garden Island No 1 19 May LR5 (1 of 1)