Hi All,

Well two for the price of one this week.

I visited Wombarra just to see what it was like as I had not been there before.

It was probably the wrong time of year to shoot and maybe spring and summer are better with the rock shelf there when the sun is around to the right more than in the shot.

It was also supposed to be partly cloudy as well but it was cloudy out to sea and not where I was which was disappointing.

The first shot is shooting towards Sydney and obviously you can see the pool there.

The second shot was taken from the rock shelf which is around to the right.

Since there was no colour in the rock shelf shot I changed this to a black and white and enhanced the tones to show patterns.

As an aside whilst there I saw a sign warning about landslides……there was one the week after I was there in the spot I was standing in!

For the technically minded I am not sure why there is a vignette in the top shot there as it appears to be from the lens.

Anyway enough from me, enjoy.


Paul Bartle

Sml Wombarra Beach No2 Final (1 of 1)

Sml Wombarra Beach Rockshelf B & W (1 of 1)-2