Hi All,

This should really be named “how to get it wrong”!

Most photographers will go out with a plan and this time my plan just didn’t work!

Forget about the fact that it was 0 degrees Celsius (or colder) and my feet were freezing, this shot just doesn’t work.

I attempted to do a 5 or 6 shot panoramic which came out acceptably but it just looks boring and there is no cloud and the main subject us half covered in a bush.

Still, the shot you see is part of it and these Kangaroo’s fascinated me as one on them (the one on the right) sat in that one spot for at least 20 minutes and the other didn’t wander too far either.

This spot is basically the last bit of Sydney before heading towards Picton and is about 10 minutes from my place so you can see why I like living out here!

For those who know the area it is behind the Camden Valley Inn, the English style Pub which is very popular on weekends.

If I was to do this again I would request permission to go onto the property and get closer to the structure to take out the foreground more.

Bits and Pieces

I have received some feedback with people wanting to know the settings I used for the shots. I will try and remember to do this but will put it under the heading of “The Technocal Stuff” under the shot.

Anyway enough from me, enjoy.



Sml Final Shed South Camden- Razorback view No 1 (1 of 1)

The Technical Stuff

Canon 5D Mk3
1/80th Sec
85mm L series lens
No filters