Hi All,

I was lucky enough to have a short holiday in Tasmania in July.

All I can say is wow, wow and wow.

From a photographers point of view this island is brilliant (you taking notes here Steve Rutherford?).

My wife Anna reckons it is 60 years behind Sydney but so much to get shots of.

Anyway for the next few weeks you will see where and what I got up to in Tasmania.

The day we landed was perfect for getting photo’s of waterfalls and Liffey Falls was on the “to do” list.

The best way I can describe where it is, is in the middle near the top of Tasmania.

I wish I could have actually been here for the full day rather than just over an hour in failing daylight.

There are actually 4 waterfalls here and I got the bottom one which was the furthest from the car.

It was very difficult to shoot the others as there had been a fair amount of rain so they were really flowing and I couldn’t get as close to them as I would like.

I got to this water fall which is the bottom one and got to work as the light was starting to fade.

And being so far south, the sun sets earlier than in Sydney during winter.

This shot was actually a very tricky exposure wise due to the amount of white water against a dark background.

If you saw the “base” shot I used you would wonder why did I bother as it looks horrible.

With working on the shot, I “toned” down the white and brought up the shadows but the tree on the right was still a bit dark for my liking so some additional work there was needed.

Overall I am very happy with the shot and it really “pops”.

It made the effort worth it with me heading back to the car in near darkness…….luckily for me it was a really well defined path back to the car and I had the torch…..just in case!

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.



Sml Final LR5 15 July No 1 Liffey Falls Downstream (1 of 1)