Hi All,

When I am away I like to drive around the back roads to find my subjects and the first morning in Tasmania was no exception.

I almost pranged the car when I saw this and was so impressed that I bought my wife to this spot to show her.

I am not sure if this is actually a barn or not but I knew that I had to get a sunrise shot of this and being so far south sunrise wasn’t until 7.40am!

The mountains behind it are part of the Western Tiers mountain range but I am not sure if this particular peak has a name as I found contrasting information in relation to it.

From what I have found, it could be Mother Cummings Peak which is a rather strange name but as mentioned I am not totally sure.

With this shot would have preferred to take another step left to get more separation from the peak and the barn but I wasn’t about to argue with a blackberry bush and any further steps left had me in a creek!

This particular shot is a two shot panorama stitched together as one shot didn’t quite fit everything I wanted in like the fog rolling down off the hill to the right.

Just on fog, the whole time we were there, it was only patchy and no pea-soupers like Sydney gets so that was a bonus.

Lastly, just on the barn, it has no back….it has collapsed already so I was grateful to get something here.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.



Sml LR5 15 July No 1 Meander Shack (1 of 1) copy