Hi All,

On my way to last weeks shot I went past this place but didn’t realise just what a junk yard it was until I was coming back into Meander.

You think there is a lot of junked cars in this shot but there is even more to the left of shot!

You would think in country Tasmania that this couldn’t happen……well it has behind the tree!

I actually thought it was a business until I realised that all the cars were in parts.

You can tell that it has rained quite a bit when the shot was taken just by how green it is and again the Western Tiers form the background along with the township of Meander.

I would like to do more exploring around here and Tasmania in general as it is such a beautiful place.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.



Sml Final LR5 21 July Meander Car Junk (1 of 1)