Hi All,

Sheffield in Tasmania is famous for its murals but I had no idea that this sort of shot was possible before I arrived here on a day trip.

Before going on, no I haven’t photshopped this, this is what you see as you arrive in Sheffield from the east and I haven’t even done much to the shot in photoshop either.

The effect you are seeing here is that I have used a medium telephoto lens which has dragged the hill in.

What initially caught my eye was the old shack and how to get a shot of it.

This was a good as I could do as I couldn’t find the driveway into the place to get closer and I couldn’t walk forward due to nesting plovers which are worse than magpies when attacking.

The mountain is called Mount Roland and can be covered in snow in winter and naturally can also be seen for many kilometre’s around.

If time permitted I would have taken a better shot of it as well but driving around, I seem to find good spots only have the view/shot blocked by something.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.


Paul Bartle

Sml LR5 22 July Sheffield (1 of 1)