Hi All,

This shot was taken on a foggy morning (which you can see n the top of the shot) but I am not happy with it still.

I have since reworked the shot for a better result.

This spot is south of town and again you can see the Western Tiers but I just don’t feel I have got it right angle wise.

I would prefer to be standing to my left a bit to be more front on.

There was an issue of a dead animal right where I wanted the tripod but other factors like sight and a strong smell were placing me elsewhere.

The other thing here too is the colour of the sky which I am not totally happy with but looks better with the rework.

I would love to go back and shoot this again sans dead animal!

After this shot we moved on up to the northern coast of Tasmania.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.



Sml Final LR5 22 July Meader Valley Hut No2 (1 of 1)