Hi All,

This state called Tasmania is amazing and as we travelled around seeing things for the first time, it was a case of “look at this” and “look at that”.

Stanley is no different and is an old whaling town that is now tourist orientated.

The place is beautifully preserved there is a lot to see and do there.

The Nut I have been told is a long dead volcano.

You can walk up it (got halfway) or take the chairlift (closed for winter). Either way the locals said the views on the top were worth the effort.

In this view I am actually near a preserved property that was one of the first built in the area.

I didn’t realise that it was open but will have a look next time as it looks amazing.

There are also many views of The Nut in which to take shots at different times of day.

I would really like to go back and have a sunrise/sunset shoot there one day.

As we got there quite late, we had a late lunch in Stanley and I had the soup which was the best I have ever had, Beef and Veg. It was simply amazing.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.


Paul Bartle

Sml Final LR5 21 July Stanley Nut (1 of 1)