Hi All,

This was a totally unplanned shot.

We were lurking around the main strip of Launceston looking for somewhere to have dinner and there was a place near here that we were waiting for to open.

My wife spotted the red in the sky so it was a real hurry to get everything set up and start shooting.

One thing about Launceston that I did notice was different was how quickly the temperature dropped once the sun set. I don’t think this happened elsewhere in our trip.

The other thing with Launceston is that it is a country town trying to be a city……but everything closes early!

Also the houses you see here are on the western side of town which is quite steep in spots and house cover 3 story’s!

Like usual I am not totally happy with the end result of this shot. I would like the boat to be a bit “whiter” and have a bit more on the left, that was a mistake of hurrying!

I will try and process this one again in the future.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy

Paul Bartle

Sml Final LR5 15 July No 1 Tamar River View