Hi all,

I just happen to stumble on this shot doing a florist delivery from my friend Julie (thanks for that Julie!).

I almost pranged the car as I never expected to see Canola in the Sydney basin.

It was also on a weekend where I knew some fellow photographers were out around Cowra going for fields full of Canola.

I ended up coming back later that day to see what I could do as I knew there would be an issue with the shot I had in mind.

It was due to shadow of the building beside the field which belonged to a winery.

I took the shot which is a 4 shots put together.

I would have liked to take the shot later in the day but the shadow was going to effect the shot…..until I realised I could shot through the vines on a different angle.

Shadows going to affect here as well but at lest I could wait longer for better lighting.

The vines belong to Congno Brothers Wines and they have been in the area since 1964 but the Canola belongs Sydney Uni Agricultural Dept which has quiet a number of fields here.

I really enjoyed this shoot as it made me think in relation to how and where to take the shot.

Whilst the lighting isn’t the optimum I am happy enough with the result.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.


Sml Final LR5 21 Sept 135mm Pano Snapheal(1 of 1)

Sml Final LR5  21 Sept Snapheal (1 of 1)