Hi All,

This weeks shot came courtesy from a tip off from rail photographer and friend Graham Cotterall who lives in Picton but goes up to Campelltown on the weekends.

Graham rang me on the Saturday afternoon to tell me they were there and I shot them on the Sunday morning and they were gone within a week.

This area is quite historic as it was part of the Macarthur estate and also this area was where lost cattle was found years after they went missing.

This area was known as “The Cowpastures” and the cattle were protected as famine actually had gripped the colony so finding there cattle here was most welcome.

The actual Mount Taurus is off to the right but the ridge is part of it.

The only downside to the shoot was the lack of cloud…….couldn’t do much about that so I tried to work the angles and shot both before and after sunrise.

Let me know what you think is the better shot..

Anyway, thanks to Graham for the tip off and enjoy.



Sml Final Presunrise Mt Tauraus Hay Bales (1 of 1)

Sml Final Sunrise Mt Taurus Hay Bales LR5 5 Nov Snapheal