Hi All,

This shot is another black and white and like last week I have only just finished processing it to an acceptable result.

The shot was taken in late April whilst visiting friends in Orange with my Mum.

Cook Park is named after James Cook the explorer and the land was set aside in 1845 although nothing was established on the site until 1873.

There are ponds, this bandstand and aviaries etc and this park and it is a great place just to wander around to relax.

I was hoping to find some autumn trees there but most of the trees in the park are evergreen and I couldn’t find any others that were changing with the season.

This is a very personal shot as my Father was born within 500 metre’s of this spot and my Grandfather had a business in Orange as well as being involved with the local bowls club.

This bandstand was built prior to my Fathers birth and so I thought it would be cool to try and replicate it to a 1920’s view.

I am sitting on the ground to take the shot as at my normal height the shot just didn’t look right.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.



Cook Park Clar Adj 9 November 2014 (1 of 1) copy