Hi All,

Thanks fort he great feedback from last week’s shot at Coalcliff. It was truly humbling to know how you all appreciated the shot.

This week I am back locally and this is quite an historical shot.

The name Menangle means swamps and lagoons, and there are plenty of those in the area.

The bridge in the back ground was one of the first railway bridges built in Australia in 1863 from fully imported pieces from England.

It was strengthened in the early 1900’s to take heavier trains and engines and is still in use today on the main Sydney-Melbourne railway.

You can also see a weir there and this is the focus of this shot.

I have been taking train photo’s around this bridge for many years and didn’t know it was there until a few months back.

You can’t see the weir from the road and you can’t hear it unless right on top of it.

The weir was originally constructed from wood for farmers water around 1886 and the current weir was rebuilt around 1910.

Apparently the wooden weir is still there under water somewhere.

The TV show ”A place to call Home” also filmed a scene here the show is filmed around the Camden area using local’s as extra’s.

This shot was hard to process as the blue sky above the bridge at the back just wouldn’t come out the way I wanted it.

A last ditch effort finally got the result I wanted using another program rather than Photoshop.

I am pleased with it but still plan to go back as there are some more of these shots to be had there and is nice and close to home.

Anyway, enough of me, enjoy.


Sml Menangle Weir Cap One LR5 5 Dec 2014 (1 of 1) copy