Hi All,

Well continuing with the seaside shots, this shot is on the rock shelf at Austimer which is one of the quickest places for me to get to.

It is only a short walk from the carpark but almost didn’t happen due to a plover bird swarking as I was walking over.

These birds, whilst natives are far worse than magpies as they protect their young for some months rather than a month or so for magpies.

In addition, they are usually in pairs, if you see one, then the other is somewhere nearby and they will attack you more than what a magpie will.

Anyway, this guy took off and never came back which was a big relief to me.

I have shot the rock shelf at Austinmer a many times and aways seem to find a new angle to shoot and it is also dependant on the tide and swell.

The tide is quite low here but there is plenty of sell to throw the water around.

I tried to get some action in this shot as the sun peeked over the horizon.

It is also raining out to sea on the right.

Overall I am happy with the image with the exception that I cut a bit off the right (about a third of the way up) but that is just a preference thing for me and in later shots I corrected it but didn’t get this effect.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.


Sml Final Austinmer No2b Temp Adj LR5 28 Dec 14 (1 of 1) copy