Hi All,

I am sending this shot out early whilst my computer is still working.

I was with my Facebook group for this shot as I had never been here before and was very keen to have a look around.

We are high on a sandstone ledge and despite no fence I felt quite safe.

You can also climb down apparently but that wasn’t happening on my first visit!

When we arrived in the dark the eat sunrise was anticipated but it all fell apart due to no breaks in the cloud.

Still Captain Cook sailed past this spot before his left hand turn into Botany Bay….I did wonder at the time what he would have thought of this area back in 1770.

I am happy how this shot came out despite no sun. I don’t think I could have done much more at all and am happy with the detail.

Anyway, I had better finish before the computer doesn’t want to play the game again!




Sml Cape Solander No1 LR5 3 January 2015 (1 of 1) copy