Hi All,

Something a little different this week.

I was trying to get an industrial type of shot with a landscape bent.

This spot is just south of Minto Railway Station and the idea was to get the cloud moving so it would be blurred slightly.

I could never get the shot I am after and I have had 3 attempts thus far and still haven’t got it right!

To me the top left is too distracting so it may be that I have been here at the wrong times of year and need to come back in Autumn/Winter when the sun is more behind me.

The yellow engine is without its bogies and is 40+ years old and the two engines in the main part of the shot were imported used from overseas some years ago.

They are not the most pleasant engines to look at.

The siding itself is in the right hand side of the shot and a lot of trains come and go from here to Botany and other places in NSW.

I intend to go back in a few months to ttys again!

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.



Sml Final Minto MIST Siding No3 Burnt In LR5 20 Dec 14 (1 of 1)