Hi All,

Two shots this week so I want you to tell me which one you prefer.

Anyway, this spot forms part of the Botany Bay National Park and is at the southern most end of the park.

Like the Cape Solander shot, it is high up and quite a lot of exposed rock about the place.

It is mainly sandstone and what caught my eye here were the patterns in the rock but guess who didn’t have his macro lens to get the shots?

By the way there were a lot of spots that caught my eye and a definite return shoot is in order here.

The unfortunate thing about the shoot was there was not much cloud around and thus the sky is a little on the boring side.

That is why I ended up turning one into a Black and White. To show off the rock texture more than anything and give a different sky.

With the colour shot I probably should have taken two shots and stitched them together to get everything in.

Anyway, enough from me so enjoy.



Sml Final Potter Point LR5 29 B & W Jan No1a Sil Eff (1 of 1)

Sml Potter Point LR5 27 Jan No1a (1 of 1)