Hi All,

Well the weekend is the third anniversary of my images being sent out and some of you have been here from the start.

I am constantly amazed that people are still looking and commenting on my images and please accept my thanks, it is truly humbling.

There have been some 120+ entries and I have established a blog and website so go and have a look!

They are at:



In addition, everything is for sale, so if you like something, you can buy it too!

I have also attached a shot from that first blog which is from the waterfall circuit at Hazelbrook in the Blue Mountains.

This circuit has some 5 waterfalls on it and all are different which adds to the variety.

Junction Falls is shown here and I haven’t reprocessed this shot however I should it again just to improve on it a bit.

I would like to walk this track again but there is also so much to explore in the Blue Mountains.

In closing last weeks shot got a lot of comments but the colour one won 60/40 but it was certainly interesting as far as some of the comments that came back.

It just shows that everyone sees things differently and there is certainly nothing wrong with that.

Anyway, enough from me enjoy.



Junction Falls Front View sml