Hi All,

This week it is a visit to Little Austinmer again to show a friend the ropes about filters.

Conditions were perfect and I have wanted to get this shot for a while but always had trouble in getting it, mainly due to other photographers being in the shot and the tide has to be right on low.

Little Austinmer is very popular as it is so accessible plus the texture of the rocks down there is pretty amazing

This shot was taken towards the end of the shoot when everyone has moved onto other spots.

It is a long exposure with a couple of filters on the front of the lens which act like sunglasses.

I took several exposures this way just to see what was better exposure wise as sometimes what is recommended isn’t always correct.

This shot has had virtually nothing done to it Photoshop and for a change I am happy with the composition and exposure.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.


Sml Little Austinmer Channell LR5 27 Jan (1 of 1)