Hi All,

Well everyone should start laughing right from the start.

Murphy’s Law was in play before we got here and stayed until the processing of the shot.

I managed to avoid the worst of a big rock on the road on the way down to Little Austinmer.

I then found that my filter holder had its spring work loose somehow and that took two goes at fixing it and then to top that off one of the last shots was followed by water on the rock shelf where my bag was sitting.

You have never seen someone move so quick to pick something up!

Then came the processing part. I just couldn’t get something interesting out of it so decided to use one of my other processing programs.

I opened it up and for some reason it was processing the shot without me!

I later realised that what had happened is that the sliders that I use were hidden which meant I must have hidden them the last time I used that program.

But guess what?

This is the result of the program self processing.

Whilst the shot is not for the purist, I like it as it is different and grabs my eye.

What do you all think?

Lastly, I have slowly been adding shots to my website, so go and have a look.

Anyway, enough from me, laugh away!



Sml Little Austinmer No4 LR5 21 Feb Col Efex (1 of 1)