Hi All,

I must admit I have been lucky with sunrises since the Christmas period.

This shot is from Wombarra which south of Coalcliff and the escarpment is quite close to the sea here so well worth a visit even during the day.

My previous visit last winter here was a complete failure as the sunrise back then was cloudy right out at sea and spotless from close in.

It was just very difficult to get anything decent out of it.

It is not the case with this shot.

With a wide rock shelf that is very different to the next one up at Coalcliff there is plenty to work with.

It has everything going for it and there isn’t really anything I would do differently with this shot except that I can’t spell photography in the watermark!.

I was also lucky in that it appears that the sunrise was not widespread as some of the people on my group did not get the same sunrise as I did so it pays to guess correctly!

Finally, go and have a look at my website http://www.shot2frame.com and have a look around, there are plenty of shots there that haven’t been covered here.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.



Sml Final Wombarra LR5 No2a 28 Feb Completed (1 of 1)