Hi All,

Due to a busy weekend coming up, I am getting this week’s shot out early

Something a little different this week and it is time to vote and feedback.

I originally planned to show just the sunrise one but as I normally do but I put the other shot on Facebook to show people where I have been.

I got a remark that they preferred the non sunrise shot, so I tested this out on the photography group that I am on and it came back with mixed feedback.

The end result was, who knows what people like!

The only sure thing is that the sunrise lasted a matter of minutes and was a lot less than 5 minutes so I had to work quickly.

Both shots were taken less than 10 minutes apart.

The shots are from Coalcliff and a local turned up with a Go-pro on a selfie stick. It was quite interesting to watch and he wasn’t taking photo’s of himself.

Just on the non sunrise shot, I found it intriguing that the rock just below the middle in the centre has no water on it despite appearing lower than the others.

Let me know what you think about which one you prefer and the reason why, I would love to hear from you all.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.


Sml Final Final Coalcliff LR5 No1b pano 8 March Completed (1 of 1)

Sml Final Final Coalcliff LR5 No3a 8 March Completed (1 of 1)