Hi All,

This week shot is back locally to me and I have wanted to come to this spot for so long but one thing put me off.

The walking guide said there were 216 steps down into this spot……and 216 back up!

Having wanted to take a break from the sunrise shots, I got the courage up to finally attempt this walk and I wasn’t disappointed.

The scene below is what greets you after you finally finish at the bottom of the steps.

This place is amazing and despite the lack of rain recently there was still enough water to give me something going over the edge.

The Georges River here is in a fairly steep sided gorge just like at Frere’s Crossing which you have seen previously and Frere’s is a little way upstream from here.

This spot has been an attraction for many years although I was on my own here on this visit and unfortunately there was plenty of evidence that people had been here recently.

I am happy with this shot as I couldn’t really do much position wise as I was close enough to the edge without getting nervous about going in the water camera gear and all!

All in all it was a great shoot and I really enjoyed the serenity of the place and I have gone back since but I do want to explore more here when I have time.

Anyway, enough from me enjoy.



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