Hi All,

Well I went back to The Basin the next week and it was surprising on just how much the river had dropped in that time.

The main reason I went back was to shoot above the falls, especially whilst there wasn’t much water in it.

In fact it was so low I could have rock hopped right the way across to the other side with no wet feet.

This was a difficult shot to take as there is plenty of light bouncing up off the water at me.

To get around this I have used a polariser and it works by cutting down on the glare bouncing around and can also be used to shoot into the water.

There are a lot of holes in the rock and I had to watch where I was stepping as they are quite deep in spots.

Amazingly enough some people turned up and a local jumped straight in for a swim in the actual basin behind me.

When I was finished, he walked back with me and we chatted about the bush here and at Frere’s Crossing.

It was quite enjoyable chatting with him and made the walk shorter for me.

Anyway, enough from me enjoy.



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