Hi All,

Well I finally got it right! But I almost didn’t!

I got the conditions I wanted but had to work quickly only to find I didn’t pack my filters and only had one in the bag….that I had never used before.

Turns out that it was the correct one to use.

It is more a technical filter and I didn’t have an option to race home to get my other filters as rain was due.

As for the actual shot, RL309 must have a real issue as it hasn’t moved since I took this shot so it must be waiting for a part.

I don’t think I could do anymore with this shot and now will give the spot a rest.

We will be back to landscapes next week.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.



Sml Final RL309 Minto MIST Siding 3 April LR5 3 April (1 of 1)