Hi All,

Thanks firstly for all the well wishing for my acceptance into the AIPP.

This week’s shot is a continuation of my walk in the Blue Mountains and from the Pool of Siloam I walked over to Lyrebird Dell which is not far way.

The history surrounding this spot is that the aboriginals apparently used this area as shelter as there are large cave like overhangs behind me.

This walk is more or less a loop but it is a bit unusual in that it is fairly hilly compared most of the walks I have completed in the mountains.

Mostly once down to the bottom of waterfalls the tracks are fairly flat, not this time and the track around this part of the walk is worse than the rest of the track which is not in good shape either.

There isn’t much room either to move around to get a shot and this was the only angle I liked.

This shot is about it and totally uninspiring as far as I am concerned and there wasn’t much water despite the recent rain before the big wet.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy!


Sml Final Lyrebird Dell Cap One