Hi All,

Well this week shot is from suburban Sydney.

The photography group that I belong to did a shoot here but I couldn’t make it but always wanted to have a go at shooting this spot.

Like most new estates in Sydney, space is set aside for parks and exercise and there are a lot of walking tracks around this area.

It was a spectacular sunrise that was so intense that I actually have mostly taken the colour out as no would believe me if I had left it in! It was pretty amazing.

The composition of the shot is also different for me as I normally would not put something front and centre like the tree but to me it is like the king of the trees and also sits a lot further forward than the others.

I was also lucky in that there was a light fog as well to create some additional interest and it was great just to sit and watch it move around as it does so quite quickly.

Also the cloud does make a difference as well as the shot would be pretty boring without cloud.

All in all I am pretty happy with this hot but will go back to see what else I can do here as well.

If anyone wants to come out shooting with, I shoot most weekends so just let me know so we arrange things….I don’t bite!

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.


Sml Final Cecil Hills Lake no 1 BW Adj April 12 LR 5 1st attempt (1 of 1)