Hi All,

Continuing on from last week we head down the track and on the board walk to the Bottom Falls presents a completely different set up to the Top Falls.

I crossed over the creek to the other side to get this shot as it was more open but it presented its own set of issues.

The rock half way up is quite shiny and throwing a lot of glare despite the cloud so it was a case of exposing for that first to hold the detail in and going from there.

This explains the exposure compensation figure below of -1 1/3 which is a lot more than I would usually like.

I think these bottom falls are better to shoot as there are many more compositions to be had and not just this one.

There is also more compositions behind me which I would have liked to have shot but time was against me on this.

It just means I need a return visit to “finish” what I started!

I am happy with not only the composition of the shot but the exposure as well given that shiny rock.

I don’t think I could do any better than what I did.

Just a word of warning for shooting here, it is slippery and good quality hiking show or rocks shoes are a must here.

I know there has been an accident here inside the last 12 months where a photographer broke their leg and had to be airlifted out, so take extreme care.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.


Sml Final Lower Somersby Falls LR5 20 Apr 15  (1 of 1)