Hi All,

Still on Leura Cascades, this shot is the bottom of the actual cascade.

I tend to go to the furthest point before working my way back.

To the right is the drop off the cliff into the Jamison Valley.

This shot was quite difficult in that the area in front my me is quite dark and I am under a large overhang.

The area in the back is quite open so you have the extreme’s in lighting conditions.

Some photographers would have taken two shots and blended them but this is just the single image as taken and worked on with the Neutral Density filter on to hold back the light at the top of the water at the back.

I first shot this spot some years ago and am really pleased how this image has developed.

I would have been able to do more composition wise but with not much room to move, that was out the window.

All in all I have a keeper so I am pleased with what I have here.

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Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.


Sml Final Cap One Leura Cascades