Hi All,

Welcome to blog post No 150!

I must admit I never thought I would still be doing this after 10 blogs let alone 150 so thanks to all of you for looking and commenting over the time this blog has been going.

I held this shot back for this particular week and a lot of work went into not only the taking but the processing of it.

Yattalunga is on the eastern side of Brisbane Waters and basically Gosford is off to the right as you look at the shot.

As usual I got here way too early but not having really shot that many actual sunsets I sat and waited and chatted on the phone to Peter Attenborough, so Peter this is the scene I was looking at whilst chatting to you.

This spot is actually pretty popular with the locals and I must admit I was surprised with just how many people went down the jetty to end even for just a few minutes.

As noted earlier, I was here way too early and the water was not like this but the tide rose quite a bit whilst I was waiting and I didn’t notice this until I was reviewing the shots on my screen. The extra water certainly adds to it.

I must admit I don’t think I could anything further with this shot and am really happy with it but there are so many places to shoot on the Central Coast that the local photographers are really spoilt for choice.

On a technical note I also used a Hard Graduated Netrual Density filter to bring the clouds up which for me is a bit unusual to use this piece of equipment.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.


Sml Yattalunga Jetty LR5 Cap One No 1 19 Apr 15  (1 of 1)