Hi All,

Well a new location this week.

We have a new leader with the group that I shoot with and I had not been this far south but was very keen to get down here.

I didn’t know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised with what we could get shoot wise.

Some of the group got their shots to the right of me (with completely different types of rocks) and there is a hill behind me and some were up on there as they didn’t want to get their feet wet!

Me? Well like usual I am standing in the water but it was worth it I think.

As usual there is a boat in the shot but this one is a fishing trawler and wasn’t really moving much at all.

This island is somewhat of a mystery as it was on plans of the area in 1826 but not named at the time but was named by 1861 but why it was named Stack Island is a bit of a mystery..

It is also known as Rangoon Island as a ship named The Rangoon was wrecked on the island in 1870.

In this shot it is high tide but I have been told you can walk over to the island at low tide and only be up to your waist in water…..I won’t be going to find out!

I am really happy hope this shot came out and don’t think I could have done any better then I have.

We were very lucky that the cloud held off the sun until after the shoot was completed so we were a very happy set of Photographers.

I must admit I am very keen to go back!

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.


Sml Final COne Minnamurra No 2