Hi All,

Yes, I know I have been at this location way too much this year and really should go elsewhere around here.

There was a reason I was there and that was to shoot the Seacliff Bridge…..and that was a dismal failure so I won’t go into that!

Actually this shot was taken at low tide and this is the extent of the surf…….ankle biters.

I have never seen it this flat before so I really had to wait for some action to happen whilst the colour was there.

As an added bonus the colour in the water really makes the shot and actually looks as though it is on fire.

I just had to get the framing right for this one so I am really happy with this one.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.


Sml Final 1c LRCC 8 June 2015 Coalcliff (1 of 1)