Hi All,

Yes, I know I have been at this location as well before but that was in the summer time and more or less shooting in the opposite direction.

When we arrived, the cloud looked really promising for some colour but this was about it!

In this situation its time to really bring up the cloud to add something to the shot.

Not only that the rocks and long exposure give the shot some feeling as well.

The other reason we were here as well is that we were hoping to see some whale action but we only saw the one.

We found at out breakfast that there were s few around the corner in Botany Bay.

I really like the finished shot with the lines of the rock leading you into the shot and the heavy cloud.

Not a real lot more I could do in this situation.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.


Sml Final Cap One No 1 Cape Solander 13 June