Hi All,

Well two for the price of one this week.

Or as this should be titled……an accidental discovery for shot number 2.

The first shot is the sunrise we came to shoot at this location and like usual I ended up elsewhere apart from the group.

I just couldn’t “see” any compositions where they were and where I was a new spot for me.

Once I was happy with the sunrise shot, I thought I would try and get a shot of the group out on the rock shelf to post to the group Facebook page.

I just took a test shot and imagine my surprise when when I saw shot two!

I liked it as soon as I saw it and lost interest in getting a shot of the group with my telephoto lens.

I also took a shot that had the headland as well and for those who know the area, is where the now closed Headland Hotel is.

I have been told that it is to be demolished to make way for apartments which seems such a shame.

The headland shot can be found on my flickr site below:

Sharky Beach Little Austinmer

I really like these shots and there is not much more I could have done with them

So tell me, which one do you all like?

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.


Sml Final Little Austinmer 4 July 2015Sml Final Little Austinmer No 3 LRCC 4 July 2015 (1 of 1)