Hi All,

For this shoot I was with my regular group and like usual got here early but for some reason the M5 was very quiet and got here well ahead of schedule.

One of the other guys wanted to have a look before the others arrived and we weren’t that far from the car park anyway.

I think he was just more inclined to find a good spot before the others got there but the big swell meant we couldn’t get too close.

The pool was built in 1932 by Randwick Council as an Unemployment Relief project and sits in a natural rock amphithreatre which is why it is so attractive to photographers.

It was a mid tide at sunrise and only supposed al 2 metre swell…..well that was wrong as it was quite a bit bigger than that but as the tide was going out the swell was getting smaller.

This is about as much colour as we got this day which is a shame but I was really sweating on some big sets of waves still to cover the area in the shot.

In addition, I just couldn’t seem to find a spot that I liked at the start, although like usual I ended up away from the group and then every one came over to where I was!

Luckily by this time I was perched on this rock that had room for one…….me!

I am really pleased with this shot as I said earlier I was really sweating on this shot and in fact was one of the last shots I took on the day.

Could I have done more with this shot……don’t think so!

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.


Sml Final Mahon Pool LRCC 8 August 2015