Hi All,

Onto mainland USA this week and a visit to the seaside is in order.

The beach at Santa Monica is of course right next to the world famous Santa Monica Pier.

This must be the biggest beach in the world as unlike Australia you have quite a bit of a walk of several hundred metre’s just to get to the water!

Despite being Autumn it was a hot day but not many people at the beach.

These life guard huts are located right up the beach at regular intervals but only every second one was open.

Still, it seems that the end of summer was upon Santa Monica with a largely cloudless sunset.

Given the lack of a real sunset and cloud I am happy with this shot.

Just one thing though was the size of the seagulls……they make the Sydney seagull look like midgets. These guys were big!

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.


Sml Final Santa Monica Beach 7 Oct 2015 LRCC (1 of 1)