Hi All,

Well I think I may be finally over the email issues!

This shot was a complete accident as the shoot was unplanned but gee I am so glad I came across this spot.

We had time to fill whilst moving digs in Hollywood and decided to head up to Mailbu up the coast but the GPS took via the inland route.

I am so glad that it did and we got to travel along Ventura Highway as well getting here.

We came across a visitors centre out in the middle of this shot somewhere and the ranger suggested we go up the “top”.

We were told it was an easy drive and so it was but the scenery is all like this………spectacular!

I couldn’t get the camera out quick enough to start shooting.

It seems that none of these mountains have any names but I could spend a lot of time around this area quite easily.

In one spot you can look at this scene and turn around and see the ocean, simply amazing and so quiet.

I would love to shoot more around here.

On a technical basis given the mid day lighting conditions I am really happy with this shot.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.


Santa Monica Mountains