Hi All,

Originally I was only going to put the night shot up for the blog but that threw some questions up as far as whats in the dark bit.

Couple that with about the only really decent sunrise I got and you get two for the price of one!

The view is from our apartment in Las Vegas so you could say we had a front row seat to the view.

The night shot was quite hard to take as I had to work out a way to block out all reflections off the glass but I think I got it right and absolutely everything was turned off in the apartment.

The sunrise just unfolded in front of me and as you can see Las Vegas is surrounded by hills which I will cover in the coming weeks.

The pond you can see to the right is the Bellagio with the casino right in front of us and essentially you can see most of “The Strip” from here.

I also wanted to get the action of the pond in my shot so I am pretty happy with the night shot.

The only issue with the sunrise is that it becomes apparent that I am shooting through tinted glass hence the dullness in the shot.

But all in all I am pretty happy with both shots given the conditions.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.


Sml Final Las Vegas Night shot 14 Oct 2015 LRCC (1 of 1)

Sml Final Las Vegas Sunrise No 1a 10  Oct 2015 LRCC (1 of 1)