Hi All,

Well we are on the way home from the mainland and we stopped off in Hawaii.

This gave me the opportunity to shoot Diamond Head which overlooks Waikiki Beach.

Diamond Head is an extinct volcano and as you can see it is big!

Both sets of buildings are in Waikiki from what I can tell off Google Maps with the famous Waikiki Beach in between.

Normally Diamond Head is not this green. From what I have been told it is normally quite brown as it doesn’t get as much rainfall as the rest of the island.

But around the time we were there both times, well it rained, ALOT!

It looks sunny in the shot doesn’t it? Yes I managed to get wet on this shoot too going back to the hotel.

Can’t believe my bad luck with getting wet but over all I am pleased the way the shot came out.

Some may have noticed that I used a zoom lens which I normally wouldn’t do……my biggest lens for the trip was a 50mm lens so I had to borrow my wife’s lens!

Sadly this is the last shot from my USA visit as some shots I took are still being worked on and are not up to scratch as yet…..may be one day.

Next week’s shot is back in Australia and I have been finding new locations to shoot so stay tuned!

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.

I have a Flickr album which has shots from the USA not featured in the blog and is at:

Surf Hut Kailua Beach Ohau Hawaii USA