Hi All,

For those who see me on a regular basis know that I had been sweating on this shoot with the group that I am with.

I was very lucky to be one of the 20 photographers to get their names in quick for this location.

I had seen shots from previous shoots and really wanted to get in on this one and hoped that it wasn’t on whilst I was in the USA.

As you can see I not only made it but nature was being kind to us as well by providing a light fog to add to the shots.

The reason I did the shot in black and whiter is that I really wanted to show up the grain in the trees. There are colour versions of the shot plus others.

The ground is covered with flowers that have just fallen.

Some of the photographers that were with me have amazing imaginations in that one got dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and took photo’s of herself using a remote control.

My imagination just doesn’t go that far!

The plantation itself is on private land just west of Richmond on the banks of the Hawkesbury River and one of the main road’s to the runs along the back of the shot, not that you can tell!

I am also not sure if anything actually gets harvested either as the trees don’t look all that young.

The plantation is a popular location for weddings and things like that.

I am more than happy with what I got on this shoot and would really like to go back but that will have to wait!

Anyway enough from me, enjoy!


Sml Final BW Paulownia Plantation No 2a BW 24 Oct 2015 LRCC (1 of 1)